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Get or Renew Your Library Card

Library cards will be issued free of charge to individuals residing in Unincorporated Greenburgh. Persons who do not reside in Westchester County, but work or are students in Unincorporated Greenburgh are eligible for a free library card.

Verification of Eligibility. Please see Library Card Eligibility and Identification Requirements.

Library cards are issued to adults in person at the Greenburgh Library or online. Library cards for children will only be issued IN PERSON, at the library.

The identification of a parent or legal guardian is acceptable identification for patrons ages 12 to 18. A juvenile patron is defined as any person 12 years old or younger, and a parent or legal guardian’s signature is required before a card is issued. The juvenile patron does not have to be present.

Please use the form below when applying online. If you apply online, your card will be mailed to you.

Application for a Library Card

    NOTE: Individuals 18 years of age and older living outside of Westchester County and employed by companies in unincorporated Greenburgh must provide: 1. Personal identification with the name and address, such as those required by residents 18 years and older. AND 2. A letter on their employer's stationary verifying their employment. OR 3. A paycheck or paystub dated within three months that includes that employers address.
  • NOTE: If you are a parent applying for yourself and your children, please complete a form for each child. We will mail your card and ask that you please come into the library to obtain your children(s) cards. This applies to children under 12 years of age. After completing the online form, you must read and accept the Statement of Responsibility below. Once you have clicked the Accept button, this will be considered the equivalent of your signature and your application will be valid for processing.

Renew Your Card

Library cards may be renewed in person with valid identification at the Greenburgh Public Library, or other libraries within the Westchester Library System.

Replace Your Card

In order to replace a lost card, the patron must come into the library with proof of identity, proof of residence and pay a lost card replacement fee of $3.00.

PIN Numbers

To provide a greater level of security and privacy, you will be required to log-in to the online library catalog using your library card number and a personalized identification number (PIN) before viewing information about your account or to place a hold. Your PIN will initially be the last 4 digits of the phone number on your library card account. To verify or update the phone number on your library card account, please call or visit your local public library. Westchester Library System (WLS) encourages you to change your PIN to something that will be easy to remember, but that only you will know.

Place Reserves

To reserve an item, you first need to search the Westchester Library System’s (WLS) catalog. Have your library card handy.

After you have found your item, click on the “Place Hold” link and follow the directions to place a reserve.

Westchester Library System’s online catalog

Renew or Review Items Online


To renew items you have checked out, follow the link below and choose “My Card and Renew Items” from the choices on the upper right. Have your library card ready and type in the barcode number and your PIN to gain access to your account.

Westchester Library System’s online catalog

Select (click on) the item(s) you wish to renew and then click on the “Renew” button. Renew each item individually.

Review Your Account

To review the status of items on your card, and choose “My Card and Renew Items” from the choices on the upper right hand corner. Have your library card ready and type in the barcode number and your PIN to gain access to your account.

Westchester Library System’s online catalog

Then choose the option you wish. You can see what items you currently have checked out, what items you have requested and are “on hold,” and any blocks on your account. Select the option you want.

Renew or Review Your Account by TeleCirc

You can renew or review the status of items you have checked out, as well as determine what you have on hold, from your telephone. Have your library card handy, your PIN will also be required.

Call TeleCirc at 674-4169 and follow the prompts.

Search the Catalog

GPL provides a search bar on every page of this website. It is located just under the header for each page, clearly labeled “CATALOG SEARCH” colored a unique Blue to distinguish it clearly from other functions.

To use the search bar, simply type in a word or phrase related to your search subject, and click one of the six specific category buttons that specify the direction of your search. They include: Books, Movies, Audio Books, Music, Large Print, and Magazine Articles. You may also conduct a general search by clicking the “Catalog” button.

Once your subject is entered and one of the search buttons is clicked, a window will open to the Westchester Library System catalog and show the results of your search. (This may take a few seconds)

Search the Westchester Library System’s catalog using a keyword, author, title or subject.

Westchester Library System’s online catalog